The University of Oregon Rugby Football Club (UORFC) is the perfect team to spend your college years with.

On the field

Coach Pate fosters a competitive yet supportive team environment. With a team full of skill and athleticism, our style is expansive and fast paced. Coach Pate truly believes in putting the most competitive team on the field, age is not a factor. With both fluid “A” and “B” teams playing each week every player has the opportunity to get game time and impress the coaching staff.

Off the field

Located in lovely Eugene, Oregon, the University of Oregon is a leading academic west coast institution. The Club brings its same unity that can be seen on the field to everything off it, leading to social and academic togetherness. A variety of majors are represented on the team, and academic help is a regular occurrence. Teammates in the same major will often take a majority of their classes together thus leading to an enriching academic experience. Socially the team is very close off the field, many upperclassmen teammates live together off campus creating a variety of places for team members to come socialize on a day to day basis. Joining the Club is a holistic college experience that not only leads to an extremely competitive team but also transforming our student athletes into better people within the University of Oregon and their hometown communities.